The 3rd Technology Generation – New Solutions

New solutions to the point at K-Show 2019

Haitian International presents the next generation of technology at K Show 2019 in Hall 15/A57 +++ New technologies, components and performance versions +++ New modularity through hybrid solutions +++ Open integration for more flexibility +++ Further optimization for industry-specific applications

Following our proven strategy “Technology to the Point”, the 3rd technology generation from Haitian International combines innovative new developments in hardware and software with the optimization of machine models – both in the servo-hydraulic top sellers from Haitian and in the pioneer electric series from the Zhafir brand. The 3rd technology generation delivers even more efficiency, productivity and new “solutions to the point.” The versatility of the electric product range has been greatly expanded, and the performance of the servo-hydraulic two-platen machines has been significantly increased. Optimized drives and open integration for robotics and automation increase flexibility in production. Ongoing improvements of standard components such as motors result in higher performance but also higher overall resource savings.

Worldwide, standard plastics with a theoretically high recycling rate are used in over 80% of standard applications. Haitian International builds injection molding machines for precisely these standard applications and continuously optimizes them with regard to standard components. Technologies to the point support the energy-saving use of raw materials to produce recyclable plastic parts. At the same time, we have worked intensely to make electric machine technologies affordable, because responsible mechanical engineering undoubtedly requires energy-efficient concepts. Electrical solutions under the Zhafir brand are now among the top 3 worldwide in sales.

The exhibits at K 2019

At the K fair, 4 live exhibits will produce standard applications with recyclates or 100% recyclable materials.

Patented world premiere: New electric Zhafir injection unit

The new, pioneering concept of electric injection units from Zhafir’s high-tech engineers is our technological trade show highlight. Available in four design versions with 1, 2 and 4 spindles (patented and attractively priced), the injection pressure is significantly increased. At the K Show, we are showing the large 12800 injection unit.

The new patented concept for large electric injection units: 4 spindles + 4 motors

Clean, electrical solution for medical: Zhafir Venus III Series

Fully electric dynamics with the highest precision and up to 70% energy savings. A VE1200III produces a medical part made of PP under a laminar flow box from cleanroom manufacturer Max Petek.

Facelift and technical optimizations: The 3rd generation of the electric Zhafir family

Dynamic solution for packaging: Zhafir Zeres F Series

Electric with integrated hydraulic drive. ZE2300F-830h – based on the latest 3rd generation technology from Zhafir – produces a 4-cavity lid with IML, both made of PP, in a Sepro Robotique production cell.

Compact solution for large automotive parts: Haitian Jupiter III Series

Compact two-platen solution with even more free space and an open integration concept for intelligent control and digitization of process sequences. Design innovations lead to more stable platen movements and shorter dry cycle times. A JU5500III-2230 produces an LED light strip made of PC, integrated into a production cell with a 6-axis-robot from ABB.

The all new Haitian JUIII two-platen model.


Economical solution for consumer goods: Haitian Mars III Series

The Mars Series remains the world’s best-selling injection molding machine. The servo-hydraulic bestseller presents itself in the 3rd generation with new motors, new machine design and many other improvements analogous to the Jupiter III Series. An MA1700III/plus produces bottle openers made of PP recyclate with insert technology, integrated in a production cell including a Hilectro robot from Haitian Drive Systems.

New design, new servo motor generation: The proven Haitian Mars Series

Invitation to our booth party

Meet our team on 17th of October, start around 18:00 in the VIP Lounge & talk area on our booth. Let‘s revisit the start of the exhibition together and discuss the personal highlights of the 3rd technology generation. Delicious food and drinks will be provided. Our machines World premiere will be great with your presence!

We look forward to your visit.

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