Haitian International plans production site in Serbia

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Haitian International plans to build injection moulding machine production site just 320 km from Budapest.


Haitian International is investing around EUR 100 million in the construction of a modern plant in Ruma, Serbia, expanding its production and logistics network in Europe. Up to 2,500 injection molding machines will be produced and customized annually on highly efficient production lines.

With its investment in the center of the Balkan Peninsula, Haitian International marks another milestone in its global network strategy. By expanding its overseas production, Haitian International also wants to position itself more resistant against rising transport costs and logistics congestion. The Serbian city of Ruma is a central transport hub for the main axes of important logistics connections in Europe.

Constructions in Ruma will start in the winter of 2022, with completion scheduled for beginning of 2025. The site will cover the full range of Haitian servo-hydraulic injection molding machines: Mars and Jupiter series with clamping force classes from 600 to 33,000 kN.


Expansion of global manufacturing

“Ruma is perfectly located for us to directly serve the entire European Market – especially Eastern Europe and the Middle East – not only more efficient, but also to support them with on-site customer services,” says Zhang Bin, Deputy CEO of Haitian Group and Executive Director of Haitian International.

The area of the new site covers a total of 365,000 m². Around 250,000 m² of this will be used for production and assembly, sales and logistics of injection molding machines. The remaining area will be reserved for strategic developments and cooperation of other divisions within the Haitian Group. “Ruma is also interesting for other divisions, as we are gaining good experience with our emerging Technology Cluster in Shunde (South China). Such synergies within the Haitian Group and across the entire production depth allow us to directly leverage benefits to customers, for example in terms of automation solutions, digitization or customized manufacturing equipment for lean production,” says Zhang Bin.

The new Technology Cluster and Haitian Headquarter for South China in Shunde serves as a model for the site in Ruma, Serbia


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