With the Haitian Mars Series in the market for over 10 years, the third generation of our bestseller is more powerful than ever thanks to significant improvements. With two models, the Mars now provides solutions for the widest ranges of application with the eco and plus edition. Based on this new generation, the Mars III plus comes as an upgraded edition, perfectly tailored for the European and American markets. New motors and intelligent motion control provide more precise processes in a wide application field like consumer goods, toys or construction. Optimized core components such as the closed-loop injection unit increase the efficiency and production quality of the world‘s most successful injection molding machine.

Clever software concepts complement the newly-formed hardware base with all common interfaces for open connectivity with smart manufacturing solutions. The intelligent answer to the growing demands in the plastics processing industry – and modern response to the environmentally relevant challenges of our time. The new Mars III Series is extremely energy-efficient, economically and very attractive in terms of price/performance ratio. Technology to the Point like never before.

Sold more than 250,000 times

  • Available from 600 to 33,000 kN
  • World’s best-selling injection molding machine
  • New high-drive servo system (developed by Haitian)
  • Fully improved design structure
  • Full closed-loop process, high repeat accuracy
  • Energy saving
  • Interactive with open integration

Powered by KEBA. The optional 15 inch latest touchscreen control from KEBA enables an easy and quick programming, analizing and adjustments of the deeply detailed system. The indeed user friendly menu contains not only Hungarian, but a big amount of free selectable languages.

Haitian vezérlés

  • bigger mold space
  • Free space under basement for auxiliaries and conveyor belts
  • more servo motor power
  • European style appearance
  • Open body, drive distribution box placed in non-operation
  • Contactless tie bars
  • Frameless door easy entry for mold changes and robots
  • Widened safety door on the non-operation side
  • Proportional valve for the clamping unit offers faster mold opening and closing
  • available from 700 – 3 500 kN

Motion Plus is the bundling of already established and new developments around intelligent motion control. The new standard is an important step towards the digital future and opens up a wealth of possibilities for the user to use the enormous production capacities of the Haitian 3rd Technology Generation Series even more dynamically.

servo drive system

New power generation. Strong, fine execution, high response

High Performance+

Agile design, smooth, precise, energy efficient
realtime fieldbus

Fast communication, rich data exposure

digital sensors

Mold open/close mold, injection displacement transducer (JUIII Series only)

Linux platform

Freedom and maximum compatibility

Protection Concept

High standard to protect operator and equipment

Multi-Stage Control

More flexibility for differnet applications

clamping unit design

Better rigidity, faster response, and longer life

Based on the OPC-UA standards for platform, system architecture, communication and data transfer, Connectivity Plus supports interaction in the area of industry 4.0, for example with all common interfaces for interaction with peripherals, automation and for integration into MES systems.

Data Interface
Ensures the secure and reliable exchange of data
Easy device integration capabilities for efficient coordination of IMM and periphery
Full integration of automation cells – free choise for the customer
to Machine
Incorporate into the customer’s vertical management system

Made in Europe

Haitian International builds an injection moulding machine manufactory only 320 km from Budapest.

With its investment in the center of the Balkan Peninsula, Haitian International marks another milestone in its global network strategy. By expanding its overseas production, Haitian International also wants to position itself more resistant against rising transport costs and logistics congestion. The Serbian city of Ruma is a central transport hub for the main axes of important logistics connections in Europe.

The area of the new site covers a total of 365,000 m². Around 250,000 m² of this will be used for production and assembly, sales and logistics of injection molding machines. The remaining area will be reserved for strategic developments and cooperation of other divisions within the Haitian Group. Constructions in Ruma will start in the winter of 2022, with completion scheduled for beginning of 2025.