Zhafir has been making a greater impact on the market for electric injection-molding machines than almost any other manufacturer. This is substantiated not just by the dynamic sales growth and the fast-increasing inquiries that Haitian International’s sales teams receive around the globe. Since the introduction 10 years ago, the Zhafir solutions have risen to be the second strongest brand in Asia.

Zhafir Plastics Machinery GmbH was launched in Germany in the spring of 2005 with a team of highly-qualified development engineers and experts in the plastics processing field. The goal was to develop new kinds of technologies for the plastics processing industry, while creating solutions that are equally compelling from an economic perspective.

Innovations that offer multiple value surpluses but that are also affordable. In the process, the close cooperation between German and Chinese development engineers has proven to be a relationship that is extremely durable and productive. Using the market know-how and experience of Haitian International, we have succeeded in transferring revolutionary ideas and innovative concepts into professional solutions for our customers:

electric, high-grade energy-efficient, precision injection-molding machines at an attractive price-/performance ratio. These capabilities create vast competitive advantages for the operator while opening up completely new horizons.

In August 2007, Zhafir was incorporated into Haitian International Holdings Ltd., a manufacturer renowned for injection-molding machines of the highest quality. Since then, as its German subsidiary, Zhafir has complemented Haitian’s global, multi-brand strategy. This is why we are optimally positioned to develop further the advantages of our products.


Haitian International has an extraordianry well organised global structure, it not only has national distributor partners, but also factories, assembly centers, application centers in the key regions of the globe.

In Europe, Haitian International Germany executes this central role, supporting the professional local distributions with great capacities.

Many of the Haitian and Zhafir models imported to Europe are being final assembled and quality checked at the German site. Furthermore it has regulalry more than 150 brand new injection molding machines on stock, fullfilling even the stricktest delivery times for urgent needs.

Huge spare parts stock, application center, training courses and many more services by Haitian International Germany, that aid on our fast and highly professional support for our Customer’s in Hungary.

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Zhafir models





400-8000 kN

fully electrical solution


400-13.800 kN

hybrid electric solution


4500-33.000 kN

hybrid electric / two-platen solution