The Zhafir Jenius Series (JE) is an innovative hybrid machine concept which combines the electric drive technology and the two-platen servo hydraulic system. Using an innovative modular concept, the fully electric solution and the servo drive system can be combined in a highly efficient way, while their respective benefits are being retained. With the Jenius Series, both the clamping force spectrum of our product family and its variety of applications have been significantly increased.

JE is benefited of our profound application experience from customers as well as paying attention to the developing trend of medium and large injection molding technologies. The Jenius Series has been developed to address the specific quality requirements for industries such as white goods and automotive. With excellent stability, higher efficiency as well as a high return on invest, the JE is an ideal choice for customers within the industry.

The JE models are CE certified.

  • Hybrid solution with new solutions for electrical injection units 12800, 17800, 22800
  • Space saving two platen clamping unit
  • High precision, fast injection speed
  • Up to 70% energy saving
  • Quiet operation
  • 15-inch SIGMATEK controller

Powered by SIGMATEK. The 15 inch SIGMATEK touch screen control is known by its deeply detailed, still very transparent menu structure. Peripheral automation equipments are seamlessly connectable to the lightning fast system. The control is delivered not only with Hungarian language, but contains a generous number of selectable languages.

Zhafir vezérlés


Motion Plus is the bundling of already established and new developments around intelligent motion control. The new standard is an important step towards the digital future and opens up a wealth of possibilities for the user to use the enormous production capacities of the Haitian 3rd Technology Generation Series even more dynamically.

Electrical Servo Drives

New generation, taylor-made, high precision, dynamic

Injection Speed

Highs process stability, optimal servo dynamics and injection speed control

Active Mold Protection

Intelligent algorithms ensures highly reactive and precise mold movement

Injection Performance

Tailor-made, high performance for different application requirements

Linux Platform

Freedom and maximum compatibility

Protection Concept

High standard to protect operator and equipment

Mold Space+
Platen Dimensions

More freedom, larger mold space

Clamping Unit Design

Better rigidity, faster response, and longer life


Based on the OPC-UA standards for platform, system architecture, communication and data transfer, Connectivity Plus supports interaction in the area of industry 4.0, for example with all common interfaces for interaction with peripherals, automation and for integration into MES systems.

Data interface

Ensures the secure and reliable exchange of data


Easy device integration capabilities for efficient coordination of IMM and periphery


Full integration of automation cells – free choise for the customer

to Machine

Incorporate into the customer’s vertical management system